Photo of a Willow warbler on Berberis.
Willow Warbler

During the COVID Lockdowns we started to get more and more uncommon birds to the garden as traffic on the roads was less frequent. Although I am only 50% sure this is a Willow Warbler, the lighter coloured legs and the more distinct eye stripe are a good start for identifying a Willow Warbler instead of a Chiffchaff but they are not exact. The Ciffchaff is far more common in the garden as can be seen by the sightings of Chiffchaffs listed on my Chiffchaff – What Birds I Spotted Today year lists. The only way I know how to visually tell the difference is that the Chiffchaff has emargination on the sixth primary feather. There’s a small photo mine on 2018 Edinburgh, Scotland Garden Bird List. I will try to dig out the bigger version and add it here in the future to help others identifying the difference between a Willow Warbler and a Chiffchaff.

The great to add it to my what bird has spotted today garden list.

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