Day 11 of #FoxOfTheDay. This fox photo was from back in February and is one of the areas of lawn that doesn’t get mown from October until start of June to allow the flowers to bloom. From June onwards it gets one cut a month as the grass currently outcompetes the clover, daisies and buttercups. I have been adding more clover, daisies and buttercups from around the garden to hopefully spread amongst the lawn and then it will be cut less often.

The previous owner of the house was obsessed with the lawn and didn’t allow any clover, daisies or buttercups in the lawn. When moving in to the new house we planted 3 daisies from the previous house we lived in and they are slowly spreading out. I also scatter clover seeds and have moved a fair few creeping buttercups to the lawn in the hope of attracting more wildlife. I’ve also added about 500 crocus bulbs into the lawn which the bees love in late February and early March when there’s very little available. More will be added, as well as letting the crocuses seed and hopefully continue to multiply. No Mow May: is a fantastic campaign. Having long grass also gives the crocuses a chance to seed and feed the bulbs by leaving the grass uncut for months after they flower.

This is the area talked about in this post: Fox stealing a glove in front of a foxglove flower!

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